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Sharing makes success sweeter.

Dhampur believes in being a responsible and caring corporate citizen. The Group not only contributes to the nations self sufficiency in power, fuel ethanol, chemicals and sugar, but also shares its success with society at large.

By providing employment to rural folk and sharing in the economic development of farmers and their families, Dhampur has provided a major impetus to the growth and development of the rural areas of India. It assists farmers in the areas of sowing, manure, and improved cane varieties through an intensive cane development program. Widening the scope of traditional farmer-factory relationship, Dhampur has been involved in providing crop knowledge, modern cultivation techniques, improved variety of seeds, better inputs for transportation and irrigation and social welfare activities for the rural community near the factories.

Caring for and preserving the environment has been a top priority. Dhampur has undertaken the task of extensive plantation in and around the factory complexes at various locations and so far the exercise has been fairly successful. The local population is also encouraged to undertake plantation drives.

Dhampur encourages use of renewable fuels, which not only save national resources but are also eco–friendly. The Group today has cogeneration facilities producing 145 MW of power from renewable resources, which do not contribute to Greenhouse gasses.

Dhampur strives to be a good corporate citizen. While the manufacturing activities contribute towards strengthening the rural fabric of the country, extension of these activities to include by-product utilization boosts rural development. This provides direct and indirect employment through sugarcane complexes as well as infrastructure development through trading activities and transportation.

It is Dhampur’s endeavor to improve the level of performance in sports in India as well as to provide budding talent in rural areas with international standard playing facilities. Dhampur is also actively involved in sponsoring various sporting events. Dhampur’s Chairman,  Mr. V. K.Goel is a keen sportsperson and an accomplished Squash player.

He takes personal and direct interest in all sports development and promotional activities of the Dhampur Group. He had been the President of the Delhi Squash Association. His vision and efforts have opened new vistas for rural youth.

The Vice Chairman, Mr. A. K. Goel  has represented India several times at major world championships and has also won most major Indian Championships. Currently, he is President of Bridge Federation of Asia & Middle East (BFAME) and Vice President of Asia Pacific Bridge Federation (APBF). He is the Founder-President of the Contract Bridge Association, a nation-wide organization dedicated to increasing Bridge awareness and boosting youth participation.

Dhampur has co-sponsored the North India Open Squash Championship, Delhi Open Squash Championship, Northern India Squash Championship, Hamdard-Delton Delhi Open Squash Championships,Khelshala Championship in Chandigarh and Badminton championship in Bareilly

Apart from sponsoring some top national rank holders, Dhampur has also been nurturing local sporting talent through promoting sports in rural areas in and around its manufacturing facilities. This young brigade from very humble backgrounds has invaded the squash circuits in India and abroad and is a force to reckon with.

Dhampur sponsored the Ajay Goel Memorial cricket championship for regional teams at Bareilly.

The Dhampur Group has educational facilities at its units. It has also established model schools near Dhampur and Asmoli. These schools not only provide quality education to the local population but also to students from surrounding areas.

We believe that quality education remains the bedrock for integrated social development. Conceptualized by the Dhampur Group, the Pushp Niketan School at the Dhampur Unit, has emerged as a unique model for imparting world class education to rural population. With a 1:30 teacher-student ratio, each child receives proper attention and care.

Dhampur has set up the Academy of Modern Learning with branches at Asmoli and Gunnaur. The schools are equipped with modern learning and sports facilities and encourage co-curricular activities to facilitate wholesome development.The emphasis is on the personality development of the individual so that he is able to cope with vicissitudes of life with courage and happiness.