Sh. V.K.Goel, Chairman Dhampur stands tall with the collective confidence that our farmers, our workers, our vendors and our stakeholders have pledged with us. Their sense of belonging, their hopes and expectations motivate us to perform better each time. Preserving their trust is our corporate mantra.

At Dhampur we have striven to realize a corporate environment of collaborative effort and have worked towards continuous improvement in every sphere of our activity. In our quest for excellence we have given special consideration to our social obligations, whether it is caring for the rural hinterland or the environment we live in. A significant and endearing feat for the Group is that some of its employees have been a part of the Dhampur family for two to three generations.

Projections of the sugarcane based Industry in India are exceptionally promising and Dhampur is totally geared up to think beyond the cube:

To provide energy alternatives to an energy-starved country through co-generation and ethanol.

To value add on our product portfolio
To maximize the potential of the agro industry in India.

To continuously bring down the cost of conversion.

To encourage creativity and resourcefulness, and focus on continuous R&D.

To optimize the value of stakeholder investments with a continuous improvement in financial performance.

To diversify and protect the bottom-line during industry downturn.

To attain the highest level of accountability, corporate governance and shareholder value.
In a country where agriculture is the predominant activity, sugarcane processing units wield a tremendous impact on the area of their location. We continue to play our role with absolute commitment and watch with fascination and pride as even the most backward areas where our units are located, slowly transform into a beehive of activity, touching the lives of thousands of people, now a part of the ever increasing Dhampur family.