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Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited
Unit – Asmoli, Village – Asmoli, Tehsil – Sambhal 
Distt. – Moradabad (U.P.) Pin – 244304 


Year of Establishment 1994
Present Capacities  
Distillery 100,000 Liters Per Day
Sugar : 9000 Metric Tonnes of Cane Per Day
Renewable Power : 44 MW Per Hour(includes 4MW   Biogas based generator)
Alcohol : 100,000 Liters Per Day
Ethanol : 100,000 Liters Per Day
Extra Neutral Alcohol : 100,000 Liters Per Day
Rectified Spirit : 100,000 Liters Per Day
Industrial Alcohol : 100,000 liters Per Day
Bio-fertilizer: 5000 Tons Per Day
  • Asmoli employs DefcoRemelt process with Ion exchange for producing refined sugar.
  • Asmoli has  44 MW  Cogeneration capacity. Up to 25MW of the power generated is exported to the UPPCL through the 132 KV line up to Sambhal Sub station, 15 Km away from the site.
  • Asmoli Distillery Division with a capacity of 100,000 liters  Ethanol per day. The other products being produced are ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) and Rectified Spirit. Bio-gas produced is consumed in-house as fuel.
  • The factory is working on strong principle of Recycle - Reuse - Reduce concept. In 2008, the bio-compost unit was established where Press Mud, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing process, is converted to Bio-fertilizer, utilizing the distillery spent wash, thereby converting waste to wealth.
  • It also manufactures a very high grade of Quick Lime using a Bagasse Fired Lime Kiln.



Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited
Unit : Mansurpur
Distt. Muzzafarnagar - 251203(U.P.)

01396 – 252238, +9927052238
01396 – 252170

Year of Establishment 1985
Present Capacities
Sugar : 8000 Metric Tonnes of Cane Per Day
Power : 33 MW Per Hour
  • Mansurpur has a 100% back-end refinery following Defco Remelt Phospho Flotation process to produce top quality refined sugar which is being sold in 50 Kg bulk packs and small packs of 1 Kg and 5 Kg under the brand name of “Dhampure”.
  • Manusrpur lies in the rich belt of Cane and sufficient cane is available for crushing. Irrigation facility to maximum villages is provided through big/small canals.
  • Mansurpur is situated on N.H – 58 in between Meerut & Muzaffarnagar & well connected with railways.



Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited
Unit : Rajpura
Village & Post Office: Rajpura
Distt. Badaun - 202 527 (U.P.)


Year of Establishment 2006
Present Capacities
Sugar : 8500 Metric Tonnes of Cane Per Day
Power : 48 MW Per Hour.
Liquid Bio fertiliser: 1000 Liters Per day
  • The Unit is fully automated and has one of the lowest steam consumptions in the country. Vertical Continuous Pans developed by Dhampur are being used in “B” and “C” massecuites using 3rd vapour for reduced steam consumption.
  • The Unit has a Cogeneration Capacity of 48 MW Per Hour.
  • The unit has an intensive cane development programme. It provides the farmers, seeds of latest and high sucrose content sugarcane varieties, supplies high quality pesticides on subsidized rates and creates awareness of latest .
  • We have recently set up the Academy of Modern Learning with one of it’s branches at Gunnaur (near Rajpura). The school is equipped with modern learning and sports facilities and encourages co-curricular activities to facilitate wholesome development of the rural children.



Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited
Unit : Meerganj
Sindhauli Road,Meerganj
Distt. Bareilly - 203 504 (U.P.)


Year of Establishment 1995
Present Capacities  
Sugar : 5000 Metric Tonnes of Cane Per Day
Power :19 MW Per Hour
  • It is situated at Meerganj Tehsil in the Bareilly District of U.P. and is around 220 Kms east of Delhi on Delhi - Lucknow Highway.
  • This unit was acquired from JK Sugar Ltd., a part of JK Group. This was merged with Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. with effect 1st Apr 2012.
  • The unit is located in the rich sugarcane belt of Uttar Pradesh. The plant crushes 5,000 tonnes of Sugarcane per day to produce high quality crystal white sugar. It adds values to its business by using Bagasse, one of the byproducts, to co-generate green power which in turn is supplied to the state electricity grid.
  • The Unit has a Cogeneration Capacity of 19 MW Per Hour.
  • One of the key focus areas of the unit is to work closely with more than 45,000 cane growers who supply sugarcane to the factory.
  • The unit consistently endeavors to provide farmers with necessary inputs like liquid bio-fertilizers, pesticides, and organic manure etc. at affordable rates. Village level meeting and seminars are regularly organized and demonstrated held in their fields for inter cropping, mixed cropping, trench planting etc. with a view to maximize earnings to the farmers.